May 27, 2024

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment. The first step in risk management is to identify hazards. There are many methods that can be employed for hazard/risk identification. These include:

Interviews / group discussions;

Local or overseas experience;

Scenario analysis;

Inspections and audits;

Judgmental — consensus, speculative/conjectural, intuitive;

systems analysis, e.g. HAZOP studies;

Personal or group experience;


Operational modeling;

Work breakdown structure analysis;

Strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunity (SWOT) analysis;

Decision trees e.g. Event Tree Analysis;

Survey / questionnaire / Delphi technique;

Flowcharting, system design review, systems engineering techniques;

systems analysis, e.g. HAZOP studies; hazard identification and risk assessment

History/failure analysis e.g. Failure Modes & Effect Analysis (FMEA); Fault Tree Analysis.

The first four methods (“i” – “iv”) are commonly used in a Preliminary or an initial

It is also very important to determine who faces these hazards, how many are at risk, and the degree of exposure to that risk.

Other important considerations whilst identifying hazards are:

The more input/data, the better the result; You can check also How to develop health and safety policy

There are particular risks associated with each life cycle phase of the project (design, procurement, construction (and subcontracting), commissioning, operation (and maintenance) and decommissioning);

Hazards/risks can arise from sources both internal and external to the Project and may affect any levels/contexts/work processes within the Project.

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