June 2, 2024

Scaffolding safety work platform

scaffolding safety work platform

scaffolding safety work platform

Scaffolding safety work platform. In all circumstances where it is possible to provide platform widths as listed below then the stated dimensions should be maintained.

Scaffolding safety work platform

  1. If for reasons of limited space, it is not possible to provide such widths, then that platform should be as wide as the space permits.
  2. Minimum widths of platforms should be as follows:
  3. At least 3 boards 600mm – for persons only and not for the deposit of materials.
  4. At least 4 boards 800mm – for persons and deposit of material leaving a clear passage of at least 430mm.
  5. At least 5 boards 1.05m – if used to support any higher platform.
  6. At least 6 boards 1.30m – if used by persons to dress or shape stone.
  7. At least 7 boards 1.50m – if used by persons to dress or shape stone, and to support their trestle platforms.
  8. When work has to be done at the end of a wall or other structure, then the working platform should extend at least 600mm beyond this point.
  9. The working platform should be placed as close to the face of the structure as possible.
  10. All scaffold platforms should be closely boarded.
  11. Scaffold boards should be free of large splits and knots and should be banded at both ends and not cut in any way.
  12. No board should overhang its last support by more than 4 times its thickness but should have a minimum overhang of 50mm.
  13. Any group of boards across the width of a scaffold should be of the same length and thickness.
  14. The spacing of board supports (transoms) should be as follows:
    38mm thick boards – 1.5m maximum centers
    50mm thick boards – 2.6m maximum centers
    63mm thick boards – 3.25m maximum centers
  15. Scaffold boards should normally have at least three supports.
  16. 38mm thick boards less than 2.13m long should not be used unless they are fixed down to prevent tipping.
  17. Boards less than 1.8m long may be supported on two transoms but should be fixed down at both ends. Scaffolding safety work platform
  18. Scaffold boards should be laid so that there is no trip hazard created.
  19. Where any possibility of displacement exists from high winds, boards should be fastened down. See also Scaffolding parts name
  20. Where platforms become slippery due to frost, snow, mud, etc., the boards should either be cleared or turned over.
  21. Every scaffold platform from which a person can fall should be fitted with guardrails and toe boards. See also Scaffolding safety checklist
  22. Where any other risk of injury exists i.e. falls onto starter bars, such platforms should be similarly protected.
  23. Guardrails and toe boards are required at the outsides and ends of all working platforms, and on the insides.
  24. if gaps exceeding 300mm have been left for working at the face of a building or structure. See also Working at heights procedure
  25. Toeboards and guardrails should be fitted on the inside of standards to prevent outward movement.
  26. Toeboards should rise at least 150mm above the working platform.
  27. Guardrails should be not less than 950mm, nor more than 1.15m above the working platform.
  28. Middle guardrail must be 470mm from the working platform.
  29. Where a fall risk position exists or is identified, safety harnesses must be utilized and training must be provided. Check these below articles on scaffolding safety Working at height safety & How to calculate scaffolding load & What are fall protection systems for scaffolders & How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident

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