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what is incident and accident investigation and analysis


what is incident and accident investigation and analysis The term “incidents” includes both accidents and near-accidents/near miss. Incidents are undesirable and uncontrolled events that, under other circumstances, could have led to adverse or harmful effects (including personal injury). “Accidents” are incidents that actually led to adverse or harmful effects.

The causes can be investigated by systematically investigating an incident or an accident is established thereof. The methods used for this make a clear relationship between cause and effect. In addition, control measures that had the event are also included may occur in the study. By making the analysis well transparent for the entire company can be learned and repetition prevented.

The investigation method for incidents and accidents is identical. That is why this file alone uses the term “accident investigation”.

Where do incidents and accidents occur?

As the old saying goes: “Wherever people work, chips fall”, so it makes sense incidents or accidents can occur wherever people work. Investigating incidents, a company does learn and prevent a recurrence. Investigating an accident is not clearly required by law but there are implicit references in the law that you provide insight. However, an investigation must also be done.

What does the law say about what is incident and accident investigation and analysis

An accident must be registered and, in some cases, reported to the Ministry of labor in Gulf states. Nowhere is it stated that accidents should be investigated. But it is considered good practice when there are unexpected process disruptions with (potential) material damage or personal injury, to investigate the causes thereof.

The competency of the accident investigator

Unlike other knowledge files, where it concerns the competency and even health of employees in general meaning, this solely concerns the competence & health of the researchers in charge of accident investigation. Part of the work is interviewing stakeholders. what is incident and accident investigation and analysis? This can be accompanied by intense emotions and even aggression. In addition, there may also be psychological pressure due to media attention, whether or not combined with irregular ones working hours without sufficient rest moments. This means that sufficient attention must be paid are for psychological risk factors.

What does an incident report say about what is incident and accident investigation and analysis?

1 Introduction

In this part, you write how the research assignment came about and what limits you have on it given to the researcher with regard to the scope of the research (e.g. the location where the incident occurred, the regional activities of the organization, or the national or international activities of the organization). If necessary, one in this chapter also fits the reading guide to let readers find their way in the report.

2. Structure of the investigation

In the structure you describe how the research and analysis have been approached; which method is followed, what did you focus on as researchers, what did you research? Here too the names and functions of the members of the research team. You also record which ones here analysis method is chosen.

3. Description of the incident

Here you describe in detail how the incident took place and how it was possible to take place and what the consequences have been.

4. Context of the incident

In this part, you describe under what circumstances the incident took place and what the various stakeholders did, both before, during and after the incident.

5. Underlying causes

An important part of the report. On the basis of the analysis, you state the causes that have played a role in the organization at the system level. Here lie before the organization the starting points for improvement.

6. Conclusions and recommendations

In this part of the report, you present the analysis results and you make recommendations for improvement. Regarding the recommendations, you must be aware that it is for your client (usually your boss) it is important that in his opinion the recommendations are also relevant and have real potential improvement. With regard to this, you do not always have sufficient knowledge because recommendations often relate to a specific operational process. Involve therefore in formulating recommendations expert people working in the relevant part of the organization. That people often know how the found causes must be solved, who for what responsible and who has the authority to implement the recommendations. It is often useful for having these experts draw up draft recommendations themselves As a researcher assess the content of the draft recommendations on quality. what is incident and accident investigation and analysis?

7. Attachments

Here you place, where applicable, the graphical presentation of the analysis, photos, reference material, relevant texts from standards, laws, and regulations referred to in the text of the report is referred, etc.


Performing a good accident investigation is not a simple process. Fast and easy leads actually, always come to the wrong conclusions. Be sure, especially if there is major damage or serious injury, assisting a specialist in carrying out such an examination, you can do it optimally learn from an unpleasant situation.

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