July 14, 2024

How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident

Top five measures to ensure safety on construction sites

How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident. How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident.Accidents and incidents can happen at a worksite. All incidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences should be reported to avoid recurrence of that event, what is an incident, an unplanned unwanted event that adversely affects the completion of a job is called as an incident. it is very important for a safety officer to know how safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident

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An unplanned unwanted event that results in injury or damage to property is called an accident?

what is property damage case:

Any incident that results in damage to company assets is called property damage case but this does not include road traffic accidents.

what is road traffic accident:

Any incident involving company motor vehicle while on business use which results in injury, vehicle damage or other property damages, but it doesn’t include motor vehicle accidents happened in the parking lot or access road during a normal commute to or from work.

What is first aid case:

A work-related minor injury or illness that can be treated by first aider or equivalent and does not require a professional physician or paramedic but if the medical treatment is involved the incident will be treated at MTC not as First aid case FAC.

What is the medical treatment case:

Work-related injury or illness involving medical treatment beyond first aid. The injured or sick person requires (more than first aid) medical treatment from a professional physician or a qualified paramedic but was an employee is unable to undertake their normal duties (restricted work) the incident will be treated as a restricted work case RWC.

What is a restricted work case:

Where the employee can not fulfill his normal work, the day following an incident but is unable to undertake a temporary job; work at his normal job but not full time; work at permanently assigned job but unable to perform all duties normally assigned to it.


Death due to work-related injury or illness, Delayed death that occurs after the incident are included if the death were a direct result of the incident.

A safety professional has the ultimate responsibility to make its workplace safe by the implementation of the procedures for safe workplace practices. Safety professionals can be sued and jailed in case of accidents so how safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident that happened because of a lack of necessary documentation which they must-have in case of a court case to provide as evidence.

Below 3 incidents are shared with you in which the safety officers were arrested in the UAE. These should serve as examples as to what the safety officer should do in such cases. We will also discuss what documents are mandatory for them to keep to get out Scot-free of such problems. But wait till I post more details about these incidents and safeguards to be followed by safety officers

Incident 1

Feliciano Sequin was just two days into his job as a safety officer on a building site in Abu Dhabi when a worker fell down from height died. As the safety officer on duty that day, Sequin (below) was arrested and was convicted of negligence and jailed. He spent two months in jail.

Incident 2

5 men were sentenced to 3 months jail each due to a worker’s death whose skull was smashed after a weakly-inspected and maintained forklift’s arm fell on his head at the Pearl Jumeirah Island.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court convicted the 5 defendants, project manager, workers’ supervisor, site engineer, forklift operator, and safety officer, of negligence and failing to apply precautionary measures.

Incident 3

Two laborers died and another was seriously injured when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in the Al Quoz industrial area.

How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident

1. Always be aware and make sure your company has HSE plan, Policy and procedures and they follow government rules and regulations.

2.  Always report issues to higher management, PM, an engineer with proof. Not verbal.

3. Ensure permit system is available and followed, this will keep you safe

4. Ensure 3rd party certificates/card available, valid and check with Third-party certification if its original or fake.

5. Ensure people have given work-specific training with attendance proof before they go to work. (e.g.: flagman training for working as flagman)

6. Always use timestamps on the pictures you take and save them as proof.

7. conduct toolbox talk daily, take photos and document it.

8. Your job is to make sure people have specific training, following safe working systems.

and remember paperwork will not bring safe works, but it will save you in case of an incident.

9. Ensure all workers are inducted, records are maintained and updated.

10. Ensure prior work at height activity all fall arrest systems are available inspected and workers are aware of using them.

11. Ensure that prior to any lifting activity, lifting permits, 3rd party certificates of the crane operator and riggers, 3rd party certifications of all lifting gears and accessories are available e.g. for D-shackles, Bow shackles, chain slings, web slings, chain blocks, lever blocks, etc.

12. Ensure before lifting a lifting plan is available for each lift.

13. Before lifting activity ensure that the ground is properly compacted and the area is totally barricaded.

13. Always keep in mind that Safety is only an advisor always advise no matters the issue is smaller or bigger.

14. Always ensure that permits are obtained for all hazardous work activities.

15. Always ensure that all enclosed spaces coming under confined space definition have permits in place prior to work.

16. Ensure entrants, attendants, and rescue team of confined space are 3rd party certified and competent.

17. Ensure attendant of confined space is maintaining the Log sheet with “person in and person out” records.

18. Ensure that authorized gas testers are available and checking the gas on a periodical basis.

19. Ensure all rescue equipment that is needed for rescue in confined space is present on the site where the work is being done.

20. Ensure the 3rd party inspection certificates are available for all rescue equipment and workers are trained on them. See this also Developing Occupational Health and Safety Programs and Policies

How safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident

Safety professionals, Remember how safety officers can save themselves from the court in case of an accident the above-mentioned things can save your life in case of any course trial against you and can put your neck in trouble if you missed them.

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