July 14, 2024

How to check gas inside confined space with Ventis MX4

how to check gas in confined space

How to check gas inside confined space. Ventis Mx4 is a multi-gas detector. It can detect 4 types of gasses concentrations in the air. These gases are toxic, corrosive, flammable and dangerous for human health.

These 4 gases are:

H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide)

O2 (Oxygen),


CO (Carbon Monoxide).

Before checking any gas inside confined space ensure that your ventis mx4 multi-gas detector is fully charged and the battery is full. The gas detector should be certified and inspected by a competent person or authority. Then follow below steps one by one

  • Attach pipe hose if you are going to take gas testing for deep area
  • Switch on your gas monitor.
  • Your MX4 will take at least 20 seconds to analyze the atmosphere for detecting gas concentrations in the air.
  • After 20 seconds gas detector will show 4 reading different gases in the air.
  • A person who is authorized to check gas inside a confined space can only test the gas.
  • The authorized gas tester will take the readings and will write the readings in the gas testing log sheet.
  • Oxygen level must be in between 19.5% to 23.5%
  • Oxygen will be measured in % percentage.
  • Hydrogen sulfide must be less than 10 PPM
  • Hydrogen sulfide is measured in PPM i.e. part per million it is denoted by H2S.
  • LEL is the concentration of flammable gases in the air e.g. methane, ethane, Propane, etc.
  • LEL must be less than 10% by volume in the air.
  • Carbon monoxide must be less than 35 PPM
  • Carbon monoxide is denoted by CO and is also measured in Part per million. learn also how to make confined space entry procedure

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How to check gas inside confined space with Ventis MX4

After detection of all these gases mentioned above the authorized gas tester will keep a record in writing and will allow the workers to work inside confined space if the concentration of these gases is coming more then the limits discusses above the work inside confined space can not be executed.

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