May 19, 2024

nebosh IGC important questions element 1


nebosh IGC important questions element 1.

Element 1

1.      Identify the four ways in which people can get injured in the workplace.  (4)

2.       Identify THREE types of object that could fall and hit a person below, when work is carried out at height.  (3)                                                                                                       

3.        Workers who deal with the public may be subject to violent behavior.

(a)    Give the meaning of ‘work-related violence’.  (2)

(b)   Identify reasons why a member of public may behave violently towards a worker.  (6)

4.       The influence of drugs on employees in the workplace can have a significant effect on health & safety. 

a) Identify the possible reasons why a person may be in possession of drugs in drugs.  (4)

b) Outline control measures that an employer could take in order to reduce the misuse of drugs in the workplace.  (4)

5. Outline precautions to be taken while repair work is to be carried out on sloppy roof of a building.              (8)

6. Outline the control measures to reduce risk to workers required to undertake repair work on a fragile roof.  (6)

7.         A three-meter trench has to be dug across a car park.

             a) Identify a range of hazards associated with the work.  (10)                                            

            b) Outline control measures to be implemented.  (10)

nebosh IGC important questions element 1

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