May 31, 2024

nebosh IGC element 2 important questions


Element 2

  1. In order to improve the safety of pedestrians in vehicle maneuvering areas, identify the rules that should be followed by:
    (a) drivers; (4)
    (b) pedestrians. (4)
  2. The stockroom of tiles manufacturing is to be created to expand its stockpiling limit and to empower the utilization of inside transport to move the products to and from stacking points:
    (a) Outline the design features that the traffic routes that should be addressed in order to minimize the risk of fork-lift truck related accidents. (4)
    (b) Describe additional measures to be taken to protect pedestrians from the risk of being struck by a forklift truck in the warehouse. (4)
  3. Give ways in which a vehicle driver who is not competent may put the safety of people in the workplace at risk. (6)
  4. Identify issues that should be included in a training program for vehicle drivers in order to reduce the risk of accidents to themselves and other people. (8)
  5. Identify markings, warnings and signs that could be used to reduce the risk of vehicle incidents in a workplace. (8)
  6. Outline reasons why a vehicle may not be able to stop effectively. (3)
  7. Outline activities associated with plant and equipment when they are not moving that could result in risk of injury. (5)

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