July 14, 2024

Top 5 best safety shoes


Top 5 best safety shoes for men and women thanks to our top 5. A selection of the best models from the biggest brands of safety shoes and sneakers. For all professionals, whatever your style and your profession!

5- U-Power

The U-Power Point model is one of the favourite models of professionals. If you are new to the Red Lion collection from U Power, you may have missed out on comfortable safety shoes.

Indeed, it has a very innovative anti-fatigue sole (Infinergy® technology) which allows up to 55% of the energy expended to be recovered. It offers excellent cushioning, good breathability while being light and perfectly secure (EN 20345 standard).

Aside from the Point model, the U Power safety shoes in this collection are available in a wide choice of colours, standards and materials to meet all your needs. There are even models of women’s safety shoes with a fit suitable for female feet, such as the U-Power Candy model.

4- Cofra Monti: the emblematic model of the brand

Cofra safety shoes are very well known in the professional footwear market and the Cofra Monti model is one of the brand’s essentials.

Indeed, these safety sneakers for men and women are ultra-light (520 grams), very flexible, and durable thanks to the abrasion-resistant and breathable Tec shell upper. A very comfortable model, S3 SRC certified. This means that this Cofra shoe has a protective shell, an anti-perforation sole, a water-repellent upper as well as a non-slip sole.

3- Glove 2

The Glove Diodora are the brand’s most popular safety shoes. Appreciated by craftsmen, they combine strength, lightness and comfort.

Available in several colours, they are made of nubuck leather. S3 HRO SRA certified in accordance with EN 20345, these Diodora low-cut safety shoes are non-slip and have a flexible anti-perforation sole, a lightweight aluminium toe cap, a water-repellent upper and a heat-resistant sole up to 300 ° C. A model for men and women.

2- Portwest Trainer: unbeatable value for money

These Port west safety shoes are offered at a very good price/quality ratio. The Trainer Lusum Port west model with its two-tone look is EN 20345 S1P SRC HRO standard, ideal for indoor work.

These safety trainers are equipped with a toe cap, anti-puncture midsole, direct contact heat resistant midsole and non-slip sole. Designed in suede cowhide, it is a pair of low safety shoes that combine both style and safety.

1- Xper TP S.24: the all-terrain shoe for construction and green spaces

The Xper TP model from the S.24 brand perfectly embodies construction and green space footwear. Indeed, with its studded sole, this S24 safety shoe is perfectly suited to difficult terrain, especially since it is a high-rise safety shoe, which provides very good ankle support.

Certified EN 20345 S3 (protective shell, anti-perforation sole), these safety shoes for men and women offer multiple additional protections: AN (protection of the ankles); HI (heat-insulating sole); CI (cold insulating sole); WR (waterproof safety shoes) and SRC (non-slip sole). High-performance and resistant worksite shoes in pull-up nubuck leather with protective toecap.

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