May 3, 2024

nebosh IGC element 8 important question answers


Element 8

8.1 Noise

  1. Identify the health effects of exposure to noise. (6)
  2. Outline measures to reduce risk due to noise exposure. (8)
  3. Identify the factors that might reduce the effectiveness of ear muffs. (4)
  4. Identify the advantages and limitations of ear muffs and ear plugs. (6)
  5. A worker is operating a noisy cement mixer. Outline the control measures to reduce exposure to noise. (8)
  6. Identify FOUR types of engineering control that may be used to reduce noise in the workplace AND give a practical example of EACH. (8)
  7. Identify the sources of noise pollution in a construction work site. (4)

8.2 Vibration

  1. Identify the health effects of exposure to hand-arm vibration. (4)
  2. Identify the health effects of exposure to whole body vibration. (2)
  3. Outline the measures to control risks due to exposure to vibration. (8)
  4. A worker uses a pneumatic road drill.
    Outline the factors to be considered while assessing risk from exposure to vibration. (8)
  5. In relation to the ill-health effects from the use of vibrating hand-held tools:
    (a) Identify typical symptoms that might be shown by the affected individuals. (4)
    (b) Outline control measures that may be used to reduce the risk of such effects. (8)

8.3 Radiation

  1. Identify 4 types of ionizing radiation. (4)
  2. Identify the health effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. (8)
  3. Outline main control measures to reduce risk from ionizing radiation. (8)
  4. Identify two types of non-ionizing radiation and give an occupational source for each. (4)

8.4 Stress

  1. Other than those associated with the physical environment, outline possible work-related causes of increased stress levels amongst employees. (8)
  2. Outline the measures to reduce stress at workplace. (8)
  3. a) Identify the typical causes of stress at work. (5)
    b) Identify THREE physical effects of stress. (3)

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