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nebosh IGC element 4 important question answer


Element 4
4.1 General requirements for work equipment

  1. Outline the general principles to be followed for the use of work equipment. (8)
  2. Outline the measures to be taken in order to reduce the risks of accidents associated with the routine maintenance of machinery. (8)

4.2 Hazards and Controls for Hand-held tools

  1. Identify the hazards related to the use of hand held tools. (6)
  2. Outline the precautions for safe use of hand held tools. (8)
  3. Identify the hazards related to the use of power tools. (8)
  4. Identify the control measures for use of power tools. (8)
  5. (a) Outline defective conditions of non-powered hand tools that could present risks to the user. (5)
    (b) Outline the requirements for the safe use of non-powered hand tools. (3)

(a) Defective conditions of tools could be such as split or broken shafts or loose heads of screw driver, mushroom headed hammer, burred chisels and blunt saws, axes or knives; bent spanners or spanners with splayed jaws and tools which are corroded, excessively soiled etc.

(b) Selecting the appropriate or suitable tool for the task and ensuring that all tools are regularly maintained on a routine basis, checked before use and replacing those that are found to be defective. Additional requirements would include the provision of adequate storage facilities for the tools and providing training to the employees in their safe use and inspection.

4.3 Mechanical and Non-mechanical Hazards of Machinery

  1. Identify the mechanical hazards (8)
  2. Identify non-mechanical hazards (8)

4.4 outline Control Measures to Reduce the Risk from Machine Hazards

  1. Describe the following types of machinery guarding:
    i) Fixed guard
    ii) Interlocked guard
  2. Identify 2 disadvantages of a fixed machine guard.
  3. Identify the basic characteristics of a guard or safety device so as to be suitable for offering protection against mechanical and non-mechanical hazards. (8)
  4. With respect to the operation of the machinery;
    (a) Identify:
    i) The merits
    ii) The limitations of two handed controls as a safety device.
    (b) Outline types of equipment trip devices that could be used in addition to 2 handed controls in order to improve safety.
  5. Outline the hazards and risks (mechanical & non mechanical) to a worker who uses petrol driven chain saw to cut down a tree (8)
  6. Outline four main types of guards that can be used to reduce risk to employees who use dangerous equipment (8)
  7. A worker uses portable electric drill.
    (a) Identify 4 hazards (4)
    (b) Outline 4 precautions (4)
  8. For the use of a pedestal drill, identify:
    a) Hazards (8)
    b) Precautions (8)
  9. An employer has installed a new item of machinery in their workplace.
    Outline the factors which needs to be considered before that specific machine is put into use. (8)
    Answer: The following factors could be considered before a new machine is put to use:
  • suitability of the machine for the task, the location and the environment
  • source of power used by the machine
  • standard of compliance such as European Union CE mark
  • whether the machine has got any dangerous parts, are they covered adequately to prevent injury
    to users
  • availability of instructions for safe operation and maintenance of the machine
  • correct siting of the machine with regard to its stability
  • commissioning of the machinery and provision of a practical demonstration by the machine
  • selection of competent personnel to operate the machine, any additional training required
  • level of lighting and the availability of space for carrying out operation, maintenance work etc.
  • whether the machine controls are properly labeled, tested and are they easily identifiable
  • potential environmental hazards such as dust, fumes, noise and vibration etc. due to its
  • preparation of a schedule for its regular maintenance, inspection and testing
  1. Identify the factors that would help to determine the maintenance requirements of an item of work equipment. (8)

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