July 14, 2024

How to plan preventive strategy effectively

how to plan preventive strategy effectively

How to plan preventive strategy effectively. The fundamental pillar of any occupational risk prevention policy is preventive planning, which is why we invite you to review your strategy with these tips to ensure maximum effectiveness.

A correct planning strategy allows you to:

Anticipate possible incidents.
Schedule the list of evaluation, inspection, and observation tasks.
Develop these actions in the most effective way for your company or institution.
Choose the most appropriate tool at all times: audits, drills, periodic controls, committees, etc.
Carrying out all these risk prevention activities becomes more complicated as the number of units and people involved increases.

Actions that, furthermore, accumulate throughout the year and have deadlines, so it is not easy to keep an eye on each one of them and get the person in charge to do it.

And if they don’t do them, you can’t make your reports and reports on time. The whiting that bites its tail…

And the worst part of all this is that, by leaving everything to the last minute, if a problem arises, there is no room to react and try to solve it.

Most occupational risk prevention technicians spend a large part of their time reminding each other of the pending or delayed tasks (whether they are preventive, corrective, or improvement actions).

Technological optimization
If you have already tried various forms of monitoring and control (shared Excel, email reminders, use of intranets, etc.) of all these actions, and still cannot keep them up to date, it is time for you to let yourself be helped by new technologies and discover everything that specialized software can do for your Prevention Service.

It is essential that you can improve the monitoring of preventive planning and not limit it to the last days of the quarter or the year because incidents or accidents do not accumulate in a certain period.

That is why prevention must be carried out constantly, seeking fluidity in the list of pending and resolved activities and tasks.

If you want to achieve a responsible organization that is consistent with its commitments to preventive management, bet on providing them with the appropriate tools.

The important thing is to provide solutions that make management visible in real-time, with the priorities of the moment.

The responsibility of the prevention services, whether their own, external or joint, should not focus on persecuting. The focus must be on advising and facilitating the correct and punctual fulfillment of the activities and actions foreseen in the company’s preventive strategy plan.

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